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Stopping and Removing Mold Damage in Goodyear

3/25/2018 (Permalink)

Mold infestations spread quickly. Contact SERVPRO should you see or smell one in your home.

SERVPRO Technicians Understand BOTH What Causes a Mold Infestation and the Steps to Take Towards Not Only Remediating But Preventing Another One

Goodyear is not the first city that comes to mind when someone thinks of mold. An infestation is thought to happen in cities that could be damp, dank, and cold. The facts of the problem are very different, but very simple as well.
SERVPRO understands that mold damage in Goodyear, or anywhere else, occurs when mold spores grow into a large enough colony that expands through a home. It can cause structural and personal property loss, as well as health problems in some people unless the homeowner treats and removes it quickly. The factors that provide for mold spores to begin growing are temperature, food, and moisture.
Since mold grows in a range of 68 to 86 degrees, it can grow in any home in Arizona that uses air conditioning. That makes stopping mold by raising or lowering the temperature extremely difficult. The same is true with attempts of removing the source of food. Mold feeds and grows very well on drywall and other, common building materials. While removing infested panels stops further growth, it does not stop it at the source.
Moisture is that source. Without enough water, mold spores remain inert. Drying up and removing the moisture source forces active mold back into the inert state, which makes it easier to clean and remove. Most water sources are small enough so that SERVPRO technicians can remove them with cloths and sponges. We then use air movers to blow warm, dry air over the damp surfaces, so new mold growth does not start.
With the water gone, we get rid of the inert mold with physical scraping and removing materials so infested that we cannot remove the spores without destroying the item. After technicians dispose of the last item, we use vacuums with HEPA filters to clean up any loose spores that may have settled on surfaces of the affected area.
Mold damage goes almost unnoticed compared to other disasters. When left untreated for too long, it can cost as much to restore your home as it would from a fire or flood. If you have or suspect mold in your home, contact SERVPRO of Litchfield / West Phoenix at (623) 594-6033 today.
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