Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Heavy Valley Storm

A heavy storm we had in Phoenix during the summer took a toll on this valley home. We received a call for a board up and typically board ups are for break ins o... READ MORE

Texas Disaster-Harvey

This home was a part of a beautiful community that was largely impacted by the Hurricane Harvey in Texas August of 2017. When we arrived to TX, this neighborhoo... READ MORE

Hurricane Harvey Damage

Mr & Mrs Khatua had to tear out the walls in their entire home. We assisted them in this time of a horrible Disaster. This was their master bathroom. Beauti... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Goodyear

Storm Damage struck this Goodyear restaurant during a severe thunderstorm. High winds damaged the roof of the structure allowing rainwater to enter the interior... READ MORE

Hurricane Harvey Catastrophe

Mr & Mrs Khatua live in Sugar Land, TX Home impacted by Hurricane Harvey Their entire home was affected and SERVPRO of Litchfield / West Phoenix was on site... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Phoenix Home

Storm Damage at this Phoenix home was caused by a breach in the roof of the house during a strong thunderstorm accompanied by high winds. When the roof is compr... READ MORE